St. Marys Fishing Report—06-03-19

According to Grand Lake Bait and Tackle, fishermen are hunting for keeper crappies but the unusual rain and weather has caused problems for fishermen all season. Currently, according to reports, the crappies are spawning and many are being found along the rocks and close to shore. Numerous keeper bluegills are also being caught. Again, most of them are also coming off the rocks. Look for the cleanest water possible. An unusual amount of silt and debris has washed into the lake, and boaters should run with caution.

Good starting points for bank fishermen for both crappies and bluegills are the popular areas such as Anderson’s, East Bank Marina, Harman’s, and Windy Point. Boat fishermen are also finding fish along rocks and other structure such as dock posts and lifts. Most fishermen are using jigs tipped with small plastic tails. Chartreuse and black is a good starting color. Wax worms and spikes are sometimes added to the combination, especially for bluegills. Minnows can be effective in muddier water.

The May Catmaster tournament produced a winning 6-fish limit of 47.98 pounds. The big fish was 17.32 pounds. A 15 pound plus fish was also weighed in. Bass fishermen are also having success and bigger fish are being caught. Five-fish limits averaging three pounds have been reported. Crappie fishermen are also picking up an unusual amount of bass as they search for crappies.