Lake Loramie Fishing Report—11-14-18

According to Spillway Bait and Tackle, the crappie fishing is on and fish are being taken all around the lake. Die-hard fishermen at Lake Loramie are also catching some nice bluegills as well with an occasional nine-incher showing up in the basket. Currently, crappies appear to be easier to catch than bluegills and are showing up at all of the popular areas. Crappies are being caught at the bridges, docks, and along the rocks. The Luthman and 119 bridge areas are popular as is Filburns. The Minster Branch has been producing a lot of fish. More and more keepers are being caught this year with limit catches of keepers not uncommon. Jigs and small plastics are popular for pan fish. At certain times, crappies are preferring live bait, especially minnows. Crappies are following shad hatches which have been extremely heavy the last two years. Crappie fishermen are often adding wax worms and spikes. Most bluegill fishermen use this combination consistently. Popular colors are black, chartreuse, pink, red, white and orange. Crappie fishermen are also picking up significant numbers of saugeye, which should bring out some saugeye fishermen. Usually, when saugeye are in the area, crappie fishing tends to slow down.

Catfishing is always decent and good eaters are being taken all around the lake. Bass minnows and night crawlers are the standby catfish bait. Bass fishing is still productive for those bassers still on the water as fish feed heavily on shad before winter sets in. Check out flats with heavy bait-fish activity. Of the area canal lakes, Lake Loramie is the most bank-fisherman friendly.