Lake Loramie Fishing Report—02-01-19

Spillway Bait and Tackle reports that fishermen are looking for and finding fish. The ice thickness is running 7-10 inches. 7-8 inch bluegills are being taken now. 10 inch crappies are also showing up in decent numbers. Fishermen were catching fish at the Brick House Channel on 119, Filburns Island, Earl’s Island, and the Luthman bridge area. Fishermen are using small ice jigs and blades tipped with small plastic tails. Wax worms and spikes are often added to the combination. Most popular colors are pink, red, and orange. Loramie fishermen are discovering the advantages of high-resolution fish flashers in finding suspended fish. Many fishermen are fishing over the lily pad stems.

Saugeye fishermen will concentrate at the Luthman bridge area. The 119 bridge is also a popular saugeye spot for ice fishermen.  When the water is running, fishing below the new spillway has produced good numbers of saugeye. Jigging blade baits like the Vibe “E” can be effective. Slender Spoons and Swedish Pimples are also popular baits. Some fishermen are tipping spoons with minnow heads or whole minnows. Extreme caution should be taken on the ice at all times. Carry proper safety equipment in case of emergency. Ice fishing is extremely popular at Lake Loramie.