Indian Lake Fishing Report—10-26-18

Lakeside Pro Bass reports that the crappie fishing is excellent. Many fishermen are working the channels, especially where shallow water borders deeper areas. The Reserve, Blackhawk, and Moundwood have been producing fish. Some fishermen are shooting docks and lifts. Adding wax worms is a preference and is more popular in waters that produce both quality crappies and bluegills. Smaller jigs and wax worms are also very popular with bluegill fishermen. The morning and evening bites are very productive but fishing can also be good throughout the day. Overall, Indian Lake is producing a lot of pan-fish and fishermen are expecting the cooler temperatures to make it even better.

Saugeye fishermen are trolling and jigging in the main lake, around bridges, around the islands, and other popular spots. Popular trolling baits are worm harnesses and crank banks. The Smithwick Suspended Rogue, keeps the bait between 6 and 8 feet while trolling. Lime Cross is a popular color combo. Some Flicker Shad are also being used. Bank fishermen are currently enjoying excellent saugeye fishing as cooler temperatures set in. Tight-line fishing with floating jigs and bass minnows is the most common fishing method, but many fishermen are also throwing blade baits like the Vibe-E and Snithwick Rogue which will dive from ten to 12 feet when retrieved. Moundwood and south side areas are popular. Watch for fisherman concentrations. Overall, saugeye fishing is on. While cat fishing and bass fishing are still decent, the majority of fishermen are focusing on crappies, bluegills and saugeye.